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SCIF, Sables and New Mexico Dept. of Game Collaborate on Learn-to-Hunt Program

SCI Foundation Education Dept., SCI's Sables, New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish, and Silverline Productions have produced a "first duck hunt" promotional video.

I Defend the 2nd: Ronnie Barrett

NRA Director Ronnie Barrett, founder of Barrett Firearms, explains just how critical your support of the NRA is.

NRA's New EVP Doug Hamlin Shares his Vision for the Future of NRA

NRA's new leader tells Bearing Arms' Cam Edwards, "It's time for members to come home."



Straight Shooter Profile: Meet Shoot United's Dania Vizzi

Dania Vizzi is one of eight elite shotgun athletes who will be competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Managing Nest Predators Means Better Turkey Hunting

Watch a brazen coyote challenge Melissa Bachman's bird, and learn how one state is helping to protect turkey populations from nest predators.

More than 200K Celebrate at 2024 NRA Great American Outdoor Show

If you weren't one of the more than 200,000 who attended the 2024 GAOS, here's a taste of what you missed—and why you should attend next year!

Straight Shooter Profile: Meet Shoot United’s Thea Van Syoc

Shoot United's newest ambassador is now a prominent firearms instructor who started her journey in 2015.

New Guns 2024: Browning X-Bolt 2 Speed Rifle

Building on the success of the company's original X-Bolt, the gun brings a number of new features to the table.

New Guns 2024: Savage Arms 110 Ultralite Elite Rifle

A stripped down chassis rifle, the 110 Ultralite Elite packs in a lot of features into a supremely lightweight platform.

New Guns 2024: Franchi Momentum Elite in .450 Bushmaster

The stateside importer for the Italian firm offers its popular Momentum rifle in a big-bore, straight-wall chambering—.450 Bushmaster.

New Guns 2024: EAA Girsan Witness 2311 C 10mm

European American Armory Corp., in partnership with Girsan of Turkey, rolled out a full line of double-stack, M1911-style handguns in its Witness 2311 collection.

New Guns 2024: Ruger Super Redhawk .22 Hornet

Ruger's Super Redhawk has been a go-to for hunters for decades.

New Guns 2024: Ruger LC Carbine in .45 ACP

Ruger has expanded its LC Carbine lineup with a .45 ACP-chambered version that feeds from readily available Glock magazines.

Inside The CSG Group—Remain Calm

NRA Publications Editorial Director Mark Keefe sat down with CSG Group's David Stepan and David Blenker, president of Fiocchi USA, to discuss the company's upcoming acquisition of Federal, CCI and Remington Ammunition.

New Guns 2024: Beretta 92XI Squalo

Beretta's enhanced its classic Model 92 with the Squalo, which is loaded with features designed to go after the competition.

New Guns 2024: Benelli Montefeltro Ultra Light Shotgun

Benelli is offering a new version of its Ultra Light 12-ga. shotgun in 2024 with improved features, handsome styling and sound ergonomics.

New Guns 2024: Smith & Wesson Model 1854 Lever-Action Rifle

Available in both a standard model and a Limited Edition, both do an excellent job of blending classic lines with modern features.

New Guns 2024: Colt Python Blued 4.25" Revolver

Colt purists clamored for the return of the blued guns, and Colt obliged with its blued 4.25" Python revolver.

New Guns 2024: EAA Girsan MC 14T Lady Tip-Up

Likely the most unique pistol introduced in 2023, the latest iteration has a decidely feminine flare.

New Guns 2024: Glock 43X The Rose

Davidson's Gallery of Guns worked with Glock and Apollo Custom to develop one of its latest exclusive designs with the G43X "The Rose" edition.


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