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The Armed Citizen® May 17, 2024

A woman returned home to discover three armed intruders insider her home.

The Armed Citizen® Reload May 10, 2024

These past accounts featuring brave armed women deserve a second read.

The Armed Citizen® May 3, 2024

A late-night attempted home invasion ended badly for at least two of three armed men who tried to grab a woman as she entered her apartment.

The Armed Citizen® April 26, 2024

Woe be to anyone who dare threaten the lives of a woman and her grandchild—especially if she is armed.

The Armed Citizen® April 19, 2024

An 85-year-old woman's determination, will to live—and her .357 Mag. revolver—saved her life during a violent home invasion.

The Armed Citizen® April 12, 2024

A woman was forced to protect herself after she was assaulted by the father of her children.

The Armed Citizen® April 5, 2024

A legally armed woman who witnessed a man being shot in the face during an attack came to his defense.

The Armed Citizen® March 29, 2024

A woman feared for her life when her ex-boyfriend kicked in her apartment door just after midnight.

The Armed Citizen® March 22, 2024

A Texas woman called 9-1-1 to report that she had been drugged and kidnapped—and that she fired upon her attacker.

The Armed Citizen® March 15, 2024

An armed mother defended her family from a man who broke into their apartment at 5 a.m.

The Armed Citizen® March 8, 2024

A woman was able to thwart a terrifying situation when a strange man made his way into her house.

The Armed Citizen® March 1, 2024

A brave mother and her three children hid in a closet after a knife wielding man broke into their home—but they weren't helpless.

The Armed Citizen® February 23, 2024

A woman who was taken hostage and driven away by the suspect ended the situation herself when she shot him.

The Five Stages of Violent Crime

Violent crime unfolds in predictable stages. The sooner you can recognize the process, the better chance you have of avoiding it.

The Armed Citizen® February 16, 2024

An Atlanta homeowner took matters into her own hands, opening fire on an intruder when he tried to enter her bedroom.

The Armed Citizen® February 9, 2024

A Chicago store owner who was fired upon by suspects during a burglary in process was able to defend herself by returning fire.

The Armed Citizen® February 2, 2024

A woman who was being assaulted by her husband fought him off with her firearm.

The Armed Citizen® January 26, 2024

An HIV-positive man was sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl when her mother intervened, holding him at gunpoint until police arrived.

The Armed Citizen® January 19, 2023

A woman who was being battered by her boyfriend defended herself—with his own firearm.


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