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From concealed carry and home defense to gun mods and tactical training, Shooting Illustrated is loaded with expert information on the subjects today’s shooters care about most.

Review: Akdas Arms SA-9 Combat Pistol

A large format pistol with AR styling that takes MP5 magazines.

Review: Everyday Carry Lights from Nightstick

Often overlooked, a good flashlight should be a vital part of your defensive plan.

Review: Mission First Tactical Guardian OWB Ultra Concealment Holster

An innovative retention system lurks within this slim holster.

Rifle Roundup: Mossberg MVP Scout With A Burris Scout Optic

A classic rifle is made even better with a Galco Ching Sling.

Review: Cool Fire Trainer

Add a little recoil into your dry fire practice.

Review: Stoeger STR-9MC Pistol

Packed with all the features you want in a micro compact pistol.

Review: Federal .327 Fed. Mag. HST

Federal’s iconoclastic revolver round gets a defensive upgrade.

Review: Girsan MC 14T Pistol

The Girsan MC 14T introduces a new generation of shooters to the tip-up-barrel, .380 ACP pistol.

Review: Recoil Shot Timer Apple Watch App

Measure your shooting speed by the recoil from every shot, not the sound.

Review: Meridian Defense PMC-S AK Rifle

This is what other AK-47s want to be when they grow up. 

Review: Riton 3 Tactix EED Red-Dot Sight

Riton enters the enclosed-emitter market.

Review: S&W 2023 Spec Series M&P 9 Metal M2.0 Pistol

Top of the line performance at a surprisingly affordable price.

Review: Hornady Rapid Safe Keypad Vault

Keep your EDC handgun ready and secure.

Review: Mission First Tactical's ACHRO Backpack Lineup

Three new ways to carry your gear and carry your gun.

Review: Girsan MCP35 PI LW Match

The latest addition to the MC P35 PI line may be the best yet.

Review: Marlin Dark Lever Action Rifle

The revamped version of Marlin’s tactical lever-action rifle is a substantially more potent defensive carbine.

Review: B&T Station SIX-9 Pistol

A faithful, modern-day recreation of pistol used by Allied American and British clandestine operatives during World War II.

Review: Pistol-Mounted Lights From Nightstick

Three great ways to light up the night and light up your target.


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