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From concealed carry and home defense to gun mods and tactical training, Shooting Illustrated is loaded with expert information on the subjects today’s shooters care about most.

21St Tech Bellator Review: The Mixed-Martial Rifle

A simple design change on the 21st Tec Bellator seems ergonomically revolutionary for long-range engagements.

Review: Zastava ZPAP M70 Rifle

It’s not an AK-47. It’s a Yugo.

Walther PD380 Review: The .380 ACP Goes Big

With the improvement in defensive ammunition, Walther has promoted the .380 ACP to belt-carry status with its new PD380.

Review: Tisas Raider B45RDG Pistol

A new 1911 with the look and feel of a classic pistol.

Review: Extar EP9

The world of polymer large frame pistols now has a new star.

Review: Rossi RP-63 Revolver

A classically styled wheelgun for the modern age.

Six Great Glock G19 IWB Holsters for Concealed Carry

Keep your pistol secure and out of sight until it's needed.

Review: Springfield Armory Echelon

Springfield Armory’s new pistol is unlike anything the company has offered in the past, and it may be its best handgun yet.

Review: Trijicon RCR

Enclosed-emitter red-dot sights are all the rage, and Trijicon’s new RCR just jumped to the front of the pack.

Review: Smith & Wesson M&P 10mm M2.0

Everything you want in a striker-fired gun, plus 1mm more.

Review: Walther PDP-F Series

Womanly, yes, but men like it too.

First Look: New 1911 Pistols from EAA / Girsan

Both pistols are offered in a wide variety of sizes, calibers and finishes.

Review: Safariland Incog X Holster for Glock G17

A concealed carry holster from a company renowned for their duty holsters.

Review: Wilson Combat CQB 1911

When teamed up with a Milt Sparks holster, it's just further proof that the classics never go out of style.

Review: Glock Gunsite Service Pistol

Jeff Cooper was never a fan of the Glock. He considered the 9 mm caliber an antique cartridge and the Glock a disposable, plastic gun. Then, Glocks started to show up at American Pistol Institute, later to be renamed Gunsite.

Review: CrossBreed OutRider MultiFit Modular Holster and Magazine Pouch

A leather outside the waistband holster from a company known for making hybrid holsters.

Review: Taurus Judge Executive Grade

By now, you’d have to be living in a cave (digital or otherwise) to not know about the Taurus Judge revolver.

Review: SAKO TRG 22 A1 Rifle

The newest NATO member has long been known for its hyper-accurate bolt-action rifles, and the country’s flagship gunmaker launched an updated version of its modern precision rifle that lives up to that quality benchmark.

Review: Smith & Wesson FPC Carbine

Smith & Wesson welcomes a new pistol-caliber carbine to the fold.

Review: Safariland Model ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

A concealable outside the waistband holster with rock-solid retention.


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