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America’s 1st Freedom is dedicated to preserving our fundamental right to self-defense. With news on anti-gun schemes that affect our gun rights, plus the truth about legislative battles on Capitol Hill and the 50 states.

From The Editor: The Funny Thing About Range Rules

The NRA rules of gun safety begin with three mantras that provide a foundation for all that follows. These very rules also offer a foundation for much more.

Standing Guard | Farewell And Thank You

The NRA isn’t a building in Washington D.C., or anywhere else. It’s an idea, and an ideal, that transcends who we are as individuals. It’s millions of Americans who believe fighting for freedom is the highest calling.

President’s Column | Anti-Gun Politicians Owe Answers

More and more Americans are thankfully embracing their Second Amendment rights. We must embrace them and work together to demand answers of politicians who seek to strip us of this freedom.

Gun Control Targets The Law-Abiding

Gun-control activists often claim that law-abiding gun owners are not the target of their policies, but their rhetoric, actions and more show the contrary.

From The Editor: Of Guns, Polls and Politics

Gun ownership is growing and more Americans are understanding that this individual freedom is a good thing.

President’s Column | How NRA Fights For Your Rights In Court—And How You Can Help

So much of this crucial fight for freedom requires us to play defense in Congress and the courts. That’s why this legal fight is so important.

Standing Guard | This Year Will Decide If American Freedom Lives

As an NRA member, you are one of the most-impactful and integral forces in America. You can save American freedom this year and preserve it for years to come.

The Most-Tyrannical Ban Yet

Gun control is not an effort to regulate firearms to promote public safety; instead, it is a long-term project to disarm Americans and eliminate the right to self-defense.

From The Editor: We Must Not Disarm in the Face of Evil

Solving a problem begins with finding and acknowledging what’s actually behind it. In this case, gun-control groups and the politicians they support refuse to see evil for what it is.

Standing Guard | SCOTUS To Hear First Amendment Case

NRA members are the front lines of an epic battle that will profoundly determine the course of freedom in America.

President’s Column | No One Should Be Forced To Confront Evil With Empty Hands

All that stands between evil and any one of us is our right and ability to defend ourselves.

Australia’s Example

When the Biden administration endorses Australia’s anti-gun laws, what they are endorsing is a regime that has no constitutional protection for the right to keep and bear arms and that treats armed self-defense as a crime.

From The Editor: Gun Control is Immoral

When our First Amendment rights are infringed upon, then we must get even louder in the public square and in the courts.

President’s Column | Giving Thanks For The Gift Of Freedom

Some leftists try to blame America for every evil on Earth, but the truth is that, as Americans, we are uniquely blessed.

Standing Guard | Biden Weaponizes White House Against NRA Members And Gun Owners

At stake next year is whether or not Joe Biden will get to continue to destroy our nation or if we get to restore sanity to our criminal justice system and save our constitutional rights.

How We Are Defending Bruen

The Bruen decision made it clear the right to bear arms outside the home must be respected.

From the Editor | This is the Civil-Rights Battle of Today

The political idea that America’s law-abiding gun owners are responsible for crime is so provably untrue, it’s laughable.

Standing Guard | America Herself Is At Stake In Next Year’s Election

Too many people believe that America is so big, so strong, so powerful and so enduring that it will last forever. But NRA members know the lessons of history, and so, to keep this nation strong, we have a role to play.

Executive Overreach: Biden Admin Attacks Lawful Firearm Sales

The Biden administration’s proposed changes to the ATF ’s requirements of who qualifies as a gun dealer are yet another trap for the law-abiding.

President’s Column | Election Day Countdown: Plan To Win

Many of today’s media outlets want to crush your Second Amendment freedom. Countering it will take all the voices and votes that we can muster.


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