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America’s 1st Freedom is dedicated to preserving our fundamental right to self-defense. With news on anti-gun schemes that affect our gun rights, plus the truth about legislative battles on Capitol Hill and the 50 states.

From the Editor | The Wildness of the Human Experience

Many people hide behind and project their ideological fantasies onto the political world. If only these same people would take a clear, honest look around them, they might just learn a thing or two.

President’s Column | It’s Your Most Fundamental Freedom — So Set The Record Straight.

As the Declaration of Independence says, all free people “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” The first and most-fundamental of these is the right to arms to defend ourselves.

My Final Call To Vote For 2023

When voters cast their ballots in the states with elections this year, they will help set the tone for next year’s elections in other states, as well as on the national stage, where far more will be at stake.

Standing Guard | The Justice-System Loophole The Media Ignores

Gun-hating politicians and their media puppets are perpetually driving mass hysteria over so-called “loopholes” in our nation’s gun laws. It’s all one big lie.

From The Editor: The Many Ironies of Gun-Control Politics

To stop anti-gun legislators from passing even more gun-control laws to “fix” the problems their policies are fueling, we need to tell everyone who will listen what’s really happening.

Standing Guard | NRA Files Suit To Protect Our Members’ Freedom

To President Biden, the law-abiding deserve persecution and prosecution, but the hardened criminals terrorizing neighborhoods should be left alone. It’s patently unjust and the NRA will fight it at every turn.

President’s Column | A Celebration And A Wake-Up Call

In an era when the government is increasingly being weaponized and some courts are trying to ignore the Bruen ruling, just as they ignored Heller and McDonald, you can be sure the NRA is fighting for your freedom.

Biden’s Search For A Coherent Gun-Control Message

Gun-control organizations wish to claim that Joe Biden’s achievements are underappreciated. In reality, these “achievements” only sound good if they are fabricated or distorted to mislead the public.

President’s Column | The Sport That Makes America Safer

Reverence and respect for freedom shouldn’t be a partisan issue and we must do our part to bring new gun owners into the fold.

Standing Guard | NRA Strong!

To see what freedom truly looks like, you don’t have to look further than the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.

Gun Control Is Unpopular

Much of the mainstream media continues to parrot the lies that gun-control activists claim as truth. The reality is that when ignorance recedes, so does support for gun control.

From The Editor: America’s “Culture War” Over Guns

It is perhaps no accident that the first example uses under its definition of “culture war” is “a culture war over the right to own a gun.”

The “Assault-Weapon” Lie

President Biden will continue to push lie after lie while simultaneously doing nothing to punish the violent criminals responsible for the spike in crime seen across the nation. It’s our job to make sure he doesn’t succeed.

President’s Column | The Freedom Lesson Must Be Taught—It Doesn’t Perpetuate By Osmosis!

At the NRA Annual Meetings, a group of kids lined up to ring what I call the ”Freedom Bell“ and thus gave us all good reason to be proud. This event spoke volumes about the critical need for all of us to continue educating our children about freedom.

Standing Guard | Freedom Needs Our Collective Voice

The battle lines are drawn and they couldn’t be clearer: Innocent Americans are under increasing attack from the criminal class. It is you, me and the NRA vs. anti-gun elites.

From The Editor: Biden Sees No Evil

President Biden sees no evil; he only sees an opportunity to disarm law-abiding citizens as he pretends doing so will somehow placate criminals.

Standing Guard | Freedom Is Under Attack From Within

There was a time in this country when elected officials care about protecting the innocent. Now, in their quest for power, these same officials only care about tearing down freedom and disarming law-abiding Americans.

President’s Column | Help NRA Win The War For Self-Defense

We are on the right side of history and that is why we will continue to fight every day to secure this freedom as a birthright of all free people.

Meet The New Executive Director

Our job is to make sure that the NRA is prepared to succeed in electing pro-gun representatives at all levels who will defend the Second Amendment. It’s hard work but I know that we are all up to the task.

From The Editor: Everyone Wants Justice

America needs a fair and impartial justice system that treats everyone equally. Instead, some are blaming law-abiding citizens for rises in crime.


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