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Presidents Column

By Allan D. Cors, President

Another Gun Tragedy, Another Push for Gun Control

With high-profile mass murders that ignite gun control feeding frenzies, there are two common denominators: 1) Nothing in any of the schemes the gun-banners have ever demanded has anything to do with the horrific crimes at hand; 2) Their agenda always centers on denigrating and diminishing the liberty and rights of ordinary peaceable citizens.

It was that way with the birth of the gun-ban movement in America that resulted in the enactment of the 1968 Gun Control Act. That onerous law had nothing to do with the political assassinations that spawned it. Years later, it was the same with the enactment of the Brady law and with the Clinton gun ban.

Neither of those ill-conceived laws could have stopped mass killers or would-be assassins. Neither had anything to do with violent crime.

And so it is today. After an insane act that took the lives of nine innocent parishioners in Charleston, S.C., in June, Americans are being told more gun control is in the offing.

President Barack Obama demanded that Congress reconsider his gun control agenda of “universal” background checks and his reconstructed version of the defunct Clinton ban on semi-automatics and high-capacity magazines.  None of it would have deterred the deranged murderer who pulled the trigger in Charleston.

Hillary Clinton has called for more of the same: “I’m going to speak out against the uncontrollable use of guns in our country because I believe we can do better.”

She asked, “How it could be possible that we as a nation still allow guns to fall into the hands of people whose hearts are filled with hate?”

You and I can answer that question. “We as a nation” didn’t do any such thing. An evil individual obtained his gun any way he could. And only the killer’s friends, whom he actually alerted that he was going to commit mass murder, could have stopped him. But they didn’t act.

“We as a nation” didn’t allow a weapon to fall into the hands of this killer any more than “we as a nation” allowed a can of gasoline to fall into the hands of an angry suitor in March 1990 when he used that fuel to commit what may have been the largest mass murder in American history—the torching of the Happy Land Disco in the Bronx, N.Y., killing 87 revelers, including his girlfriend.

Hillary’s talking points urged all sides to sit “across the aisle from one another, and find ways to keep our communities safe while protecting constitutional rights.”

This from a politician who says she would dump the language the Founders penned in the U.S. Constitution protecting free speech and free assembly. She has vowed to replace the First Amendment with her own version outlawing political speech her crowd doesn’t approve of.

Hillary’s rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, told the U.S. Conference of Mayors, “A single American life is not worth all the guns in the United States.” (Emphasis added.)

That statement is in a class by itself.

In an email to supporters, O’Malley said, “I’m pissed that after working hard in the state of Maryland to pass real gun control—laws that banned high-capacity magazine weapons, increased licensing standards and required fingerprinting for handgun purchasers—Congress continues to drop the ball.”

Nothing in O’Malley’s dungeon of “gun control” devices has anything to do with violence, but it has a great deal to do with manufacturing criminals from peaceable people who never commit a violent crime.

O’Malley has never acknowledged that since his Draconian gun controls went into effect, violent crime in Baltimore has spiked to a level never seen before.

But there is more O’Malley invective. “I’m pissed. … How many senseless acts of violence in our streets or tragedies in our communities will it take to get our nation to stop caving to special interests like the NRA when people are dying?” he asked.

There is a simple answer. O’Malley, Obama, Hillary Clinton and their gun-ban allies in Congress and the media, have consistently ignored tough federal laws against every aspect of armed criminal violence. Instead, they talk about the meaningless and impossible notions of “getting guns off the streets,” or “getting guns out of the hands of criminals.”

For our part, the NRA has pressed to have those laws enforced aggressively against the worst and most violent offenders. We demand the only action that works: Get criminals off the streets.

Special interest? The NRA, as the oldest civil rights organization in the nation, proudly represents a “special interest”: protecting the liberty of all Americans. Over the years, we have successfully fought to preserve the entire Bill of Rights, not just the Second Amendment, from the predations of politicians like O’Malley.

And that is what is at stake in this coming 2016 presidential election—saving our freedom for generations to come.