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Howard J. Walter

Howard J. “Walt” Walter grew up in Buffalo, N.Y., where his father familiarized him with hunting and shooting. Walter’s family relied heavily on their shooting and hunting skills for survival as well as enjoyment. Walter was introduced to competitive shooting and hunting at an early age. After shooting his first smallbore rifle match in 1939, he was hooked. At Purdue University, he continued to shoot competitively when he joined the smallbore rifle team.

Walter represented the United States and the NRA on the International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Association’s council for three years. He was able to bring world championships in target rifle and F-class rifle to the United States. He also represented USA and the NRA as senior representative at the 2007 and 2009 World Championship in Ottawa, Canada, and Bisley, UK.

Now an NRA Patron member, Walter joined the NRA in 1967 and  he became an active member of the Olympic Shooting Committee. His involvement with the NRA grew when he was elected to the NRA Board of Directors in 1999.

Walter has continued to protect the Second Amendment through his tireless political efforts. He worked for the North Carolina 11th District Congressman’s campaign for 18 years, and was an Election Volunteer Coordinator for 12 years. Walter lobbied at the state legislature on behalf of our rights.

Walter has authored five books and is a combat decorated naval aviator who served four years in the Antarctic. He even has a glacier named after him to commemorate his service.

Walter has spent 25 years working to pass down his knowledge of the shooting sports. He spends a few weeks each year teaching small arms proficiency to U.S. Navy men and women. “My last protégé has been elected to her college athletics Hall of Fame as a rifle shooter. My second to last placed 15th in the 2012 Olympic tryouts,” Walter beamed.

Even with more than 75 years of firearm experience, Walter has no plans to slow down. He stays active as an NRA Board member “because the NRA is the only organization standing between freedom and anarchy.”


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