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Curtis Jenkins

Curtis Jenkins likes to joke that his early dedication to the Second Amendment battle and subsequent interest in serving on the NRA Board of Directors resulted from having been born on “Bill of Rights Day,” December 15. Growing up shooting and hunting with his father, brothers and cousins, he became an NRA Junior Member at age 13 and a Life Member four years later.

In college, Jenkins began speaking for gun owners’ rights before state legislative committees. After earning degrees at Georgia Tech and Mercer University’s law school, his interest in politics continued and he was soon elected to the Georgia legislature.

Jenkins authored the nation’s first law prohibiting frivolous lawsuits against firearm manufacturers, versions of which were afterwards adopted by 33 states and Congress, with the federal version, the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act”, being signed by President Bush in 2005. At that time, cities around the country were filing lawsuits against firearm manufacturers seeking to bankrupt them.

A third term NRA Board member, Curtis serves on the Legislative Policy, Legal Affairs (Vice Chair), Hearings (Chair) and Finance committees and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund. “We have made significant progress in recent years, with crucial victories in Congress and the courts, including Heller, but we cannot afford to let up,” Jenkins emphasized.

A Benefactor member, Jenkins is a NRA referral attorney and a certified shooting instructor. He is also a member of NRA affiliates in several states and of the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia. Jenkins practices law in Forsyth, Ga., where he was born and still resides with his wife, Carol, and their two children.

Over the years, Jenkins helped facilitate young shooter training through Boy Scouts and family “field days” sponsored by the Monroe County Sportsman’s Federation. However, he points out that “without a strong NRA protecting our Second Amendment rights, future generations’ freedoms stand to be jeopardized, so every gun owner should be an NRA member.”


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