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By David Clarke Jr. Milwaukee County Sheriff Why we must reverse the recent trend of unjustified hatred for our country’s law enforcement professionals, who put their lives on the line daily to protect our families and communities. very time a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty, every cop in America feels [...]

Chaos at our Door

Is Chaos At Our Door?

A dangerous world is closing in. On Election Day, we will protect our right to defend ourselves because we have no other choice.


Vote To Save Us All

Only pro-gun candidates can confront Obama's last two years.

Shaneen Allen for NRA.

Is Shaneen Allen the Victim of State-Sponsored Persecution?

A N.J. DA, blinded by his hatred of guns, sets out to destroy the life of a law-abiding single mother from Philadelphia.


Will DC Carry?

A Federal Court rules that Washington, D.C.'s sham gun ban is unconstitutional. Will the city continue to deny their gun rights?



How Michael Bloomberg is twisting the gun control debate in the Evergreen State.


Not Watts She Seems

by Dave Kopel America’s 1st Freedom, September 2014 Astroturf was introduced to the world in 1966 by the Houston Astros baseball team at their indoor AstroDome ballpark. The greatest user of Astroturf today is former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with his supposed “grassroots” organization that calls itself “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” [...]


The Blame Flame

Only your membership, only your contributions, only your vote on November 4 can save your guns from The Blame Flame.


The Sheriff Who Dared to Ask for Help

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. isn't afraid to say what he means. So when he calls armed citizens "partners" to law enforcement in fighting violent crime, believe it.


The Scam Artist

Michael Bloomberg has rebranded his gun control machine as a grassroots movement called "Everytown."


Top Shot

Competitive shooter and NRA News Commentator Chris Cheng learned that shooters and gun owners are a welcoming bunch, and they face many unfair stereotypes similar to the gay community.


A Show of Courage in Detroit

Detroit Police Chief James Craig brings wisdom gained from the streets of Los Angeles and Portland, Maine, to bear in Detroit.


Dark Victory

Dick Heller won the Supreme Court case that struck down D.C.'s gun ban and defined the Second Amendment as protecting an individual right.

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A Fault Line In California

The 9th Circuit's decision in favor of the right to carry was a major victory that gun prohibitionists are working frantically to overturn.


Are The Wheels Coming Off In Connecticut?

In the Constitution State, a draconian gun registration scheme has spurred civil disobedience.


Covering The Screen In Blood

Harvey Weinstein announces plans for a new film attacking NRA members, claiming he'll make them "wish they weren't


The Show Must Go On

This year, the NRA stepped in with the Great American Outdoor Show, an event both bigger and better than its predecessor.

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Wayne Was Right

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.


BATFE’s Little Shop Of Horrors

Rather than concentrating on targeting dangerous armed felons and violent gun traffickers, BATFE sting operations are targeting mentally disabled persons in cities throughout the country.

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The Only Truth Obama Fears

This election year, your NRA membership is Obama's greatest fear. Because only your NRA membership can stop the Obama gun-ban machine.

Vertical Crack In Concrete

Hollywood Hypocrisy

How the movie stars who built a dynasty on stories of violence are attacking the gun owners who buy the tickets to their movies.

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Bloomberg Rules

With unlimited wealth and time on his hands, the influence of Michael Bloomberg is about to spread across the entire nation.

Child Injury

Bad Medicine

It appears that gun control supporters in the medical field are playing political games with statistics again.


Poison Pen

Did you really think you deserved special freedoms because you live in America? Now that the Obama administration has signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, you're only a Senate vote away from being treated the same as other citizens of the world.

America's 1st Freedom

“I Would Give Anything.”

A Virginia Tech mother opens up about her loss, and her wish that a good guy with a gun had been there to protect her daughter from a mass murderer.


Tragedy’s Playbook

A recently discovered book of anti-gun talking points prepared for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his cronies is chock-full of lies about you and your guns.


If Gun-Control Worked, Chicago Would Be Mayberry

Gun ownership is way up, while gun crime is declining; Right-to-Carry permits are exploding, while gun homicide continues to drop. But have facts ever inerfered with the gun-control agenda?


Jewel Of The Midwest

NRA and Bass Pro Shops have joined together to bring firearm lovers in the central United States a magnificent, and nearby, museum experience.


Deacons For Defense And Justice

While many anti-gunners want to make the debate over the Second Amendment a racial one, a look back at our nation's history can be an eye opener on that issue.

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The Long Hard Road To Freedom

The recent victory in the "Land of Lincoln" was the culmination of decades of tireless effort and dogged perseverance by those who believe in the Second Amendment.


Meet President Porter

Elected this year as NRA's 62nd president, Porter is following his dad's footsteps into a position he says is a great honor and a great deal of fun.


Battleground Colorado: Sheriffs Resist

In Colorado and New York, where gun-ban politicians brashly pushed through unconstitutional legislation detrimental to law-abiding gun owners, county sheriffs are coming to the rescue.


NRA Celebrates Freedom In A Big Way

NRA members from across the nation poured into the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, for the 142nd NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.


Will Michael Bloomberg Stop At Nothing?

The senators who stood up to Obama's anti-gun onslaught now face attacks by the megalomaniacal mayor of NYC. Join us in giving them thanks and support.


Along Came Sarah

15-year-old Sarah Merkle never intended to become a celebrity—today she's one of the most visible and vocal advocates of the right to keep and bear arms.

Gov. Dannel Malloy, D-Conn.


How Connecticut's gun owners and gun makers are getting run down.


NRA In Action [Vs. Gun Banners' Inaction]

How the NRA advanced school safety when no one else would.


The Real War On Women

Amanda has become a compelling voice, telling the story of her horrific attack and advocating for the rights of women.


Columbine Survivor Evan Todd Speaks Out!

You often hear the word "Columbine" from the lips of anti-gunners, but you rarely hear the name Even Todd. Could it be because they don't want to hear what he has to say?

Cover Story

Why America’s Gun Owners Must Stand And Fight

Only you can save our guns from King Pinocchio

America's 1st Freedom

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