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The Guns of Robert E. Petersen


by Michael Ives

The nation’s largest display of Gatling guns and fine double rifles. A renowned collection of high-end double-barrel shotguns. Historical arms once owned by the likes of Annie Oakley, Robert Stack, Julian Hatcher, Hermann Goering and Elmer Keith. Firearm curiosa and oddities. And famous makers such as Boss, Holland & Holland, Purdey, Fabbri, Galazan, Westley Richards, Parker, Browning and Rizzini.

All of these are represented in one of the finest firearm collections ever assembled, that of late publishing titan Robert E. Petersen.

Come and learn more about Petersen’s collection, which resides at the National Firearms Museum at nra Headquarters in Fairfax, Va., for all to see and cherish.”This gallery will stand forever for the legacy and generosity of the Petersens,” NRA President Ron Schmeits said at the opening of this lauded new exhibit. “Future generations will learn about the importance of firearms and freedom by experiencing the Robert E. Petersen Gallery.”

Rigby Side by Side Shotgun—12 Ga.

Fraser Double Rifle—.600 Nitro Express Cal.

Colt 1911A1 Pistol—.45 Cal.

Holland & Holland Double Rifle—.600 Cal.

Browning Over-Under Shotgun With Two Spare Sets of Barrels

Lancaster Four Barrel Shotgun—28 Ga.

Holland & Holland Double Rifle—
.577 Nitro Express Cal.

Colt Combat Commander Pistol—.45 Cal.

Colt Ehlers Baby Paterson—.28 Cal.

Winchester 21 Pachmayr—12 ga.

New Frontier Colt Revolver—.45 Cal. Engraved for Presentation to President John F. Kennedy but Never Delivered

Merkel Over-Under Shotgun—12 Ga.

James Woodward Over-Under Shotguns—12 Ga.

Alexander Henry Howdah Pistol—.577 Cal.

Colt Vampire Hunter Revolver Set

To learn more about the Robert E. Petersen Gallery at the National Firearms Museum, visit