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Carl Rowan Jr.

Carl Rowan, Jr. grew up in Minnesota where, as a young boy, he was first introduced to his abilities as a marksman with a .410 shotgun and a .22 cal. rifle. By the time Rowan was a teenager, a family friend and FBI agent took him to the range and allowed him to fire a number of handguns, including a Ruger Blackhawk revolver. At that point, Rowan was hooked on shooting and soon became a Life member of the National Rifle Association.

As a student at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., he shot competitively on a local corporate bulls-eye team. During that time, Rowan also became an avid bird hunter, both for relaxation and to develop his skills with a shotgun.

After graduating from college, he became a Deputy U.S. Marshal in Washington, D.C., where he was also a range officer, helping other deputies with their shooting skills. “Having a key to the range in the federal courthouse basement was the greatest perk in Washington,” said Rowan.

He later attended the Georgetown University Law Center and transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a special agent. He became a member of the FBI’s elite SWAT program where he helped train local police departments in advanced techniques involving handguns, shotguns and select-fire weapons.

Since he retired from his work in government, Rowan has worked with the NRA on a wide range of criminal justice reform initiatives and has been a strong proponent of national concealed carry for police officers (HR-218) as well as for civilians. Rowan says, “As a law enforcement officer, I had no fear of honest citizens with firearms. The right to self defense is a fundamental American right. As a strong believer in the Second Amendment, I urge that people refuse to be a victim of violent crime.”

Rowan is now an executive in a private security company, an NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructor and enjoys teaching women to shoot in his spare time. Rowan has been an NRA Board member for 15 years.


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