Join, Renew, Contribute

Standing Guard

By Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President

Halfway Home

As 2013 comes to a close and we begin a new year together, I want first and foremost to extend NRA’s extraordinary thanks to you and every member for a job well done.

Throughout the past year, you and I were on the receiving end of a vicious, non-stop smear campaign of lies and hate. President Barack Obama’s allies, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, spent tens of millions of dollars trying to convince Congress that your freedom is somehow to blame for unspeakable crimes. And anti-gunners in the media, instead of reporting the truth to the American people, bombarded your fellow citizens with non-stop disinformation aimed at stoking the fires of the Obama-Biden-Bloomberg gun-ban machine.

But day after day and month after month, you stood firm. You lit up the phones on Capitol Hill. You sent truckloads of mail to Congress and filled up their email inboxes. You stood up at town meetings and made your voice heard. And when the dust settled, Barack Obama wasn’t able to sign his name to a single new gun control bill in 2013—not one.

Years from now, you and I will be able to look back on these efforts with enormous pride, knowing that we kept freedom’s flame alive against the most powerful gun-ban army ever assembled.

But the biggest battle we’ve ever faced is far from over. In order to survive the Obama presidency with our guns and our rights intact, we have another huge hurdle ahead—the national elections that will take place on Nov. 4, 2014.

If, on Election Day, you and I can preserve our slim pro-freedom majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, we’ll have a fighting chance to keep our guns and our rights during the final two years of Obama’s presidency.

But if Obama gains the seats he needs to win rubber-stamp gun-ban majorities in Congress, the stage will be set for the final and absolute destruction of our Second Amendment rights before he leaves the White House. Licensing, registration, fingerprinting, bans, rationing, executive enforcement of the U.N. Gun Ban Treaty and more—his agenda is already primed and ready to go.

That’s why, as we begin another year together, I’m asking you—from one NRA leader to another—to recommit yourself to final victory against President Obama by renewing or upgrading your membership today.

No matter what your current membership status, I’ve reserved a very special discount and a great NRA gift for you when you take the next step for freedom. If you’re an annual member, you can extend your membership at a discount rate and receive a special gift for doing so. If you’re a Life member, you can upgrade to the next level of our NRA leadership ranks and enjoy not only great savings, but an outstanding commemorative gift to honor your commitment.

To see the special offers and gifts I’ve reserved for you, simply visit our website at and log in with your membership number, printed on the front of this magazine. Or, if it’s more convenient, call us toll-free at 1 (855) NRA-2014.

However you decide to respond, please do it now—because without you, Obama, Biden and Bloomberg will gain the power in the next election to destroy not only the Second Amendment, but every other freedom we cherish. If Obama’s allies win this election, he’ll be able to unleash the federal agencies—including the IRS, the Justice Department and more—to harass and intimidate gun owners and enforce his vision of a gun-free society. He’ll have a free hand to appoint hard-core anti-freedom extremists to our federal courts, and reshape our judiciary for decades, including the Supreme Court. And he’ll be able to enforce key provisions of the U.N. Gun Ban Treaty—already signed by Secretary of State John Kerry—even without full Senate ratification.

Remember, you’re the reason why Obama’s gun-ban agenda went down to defeat in Congress in 2013. And likewise, you’re America’s best hope to stop Obama from grabbing control of Congress in the next election.

Only through your steadfast courage and support can NRA win the battles that are just ahead, and that will decide freedom’s future for our lifetimes and beyond.

Those who founded the NRA 142 years ago did so not just for themselves, but for you and me. Your commitment is needed now for the same reason—so that generations who follow us will know the same freedoms that past generations secured for us.

This past year, we showed America that freedom-loving citizens, united under a single banner, can make a difference. But we’re only halfway home, and the next big test begins right now. Thank you for giving us the tools to win in 2013. And thank you in advance for answering freedom’s call again today as we prepare for our final and decisive battle against Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg—a battle where all the chips will be on the table and the entire future of the Second Amendment will be at stake.

On behalf of the NRA, I wish you and your loved ones our very best for the new year to come.