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Carolyn Meadows

Carolyn Dodgen Meadows grew up with four older brothers on a farm in Marietta, Ga.; an experience that gave her a lot of exposure to the shooting sports. Meadows can still recall memories as an 8-year-old outshooting her brothers after riding their bikes to the local country store to buy cartridges.
Meadows and her husband still live on that same property that has been in her family since 1838. They have even installed a two-bench rest shooting range on the property. Shooting has become a regular activity for

Meadows’ three sons, daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren, who all enjoy coming home and putting their shooting skills to the test.

Meadows’ involvement in hunting and competitive shooting is just one of the reasons for her passion to protect the Second Amendment. After meeting Wayne LaPierre and hearing him speak on the importance of Second Amendment legislation, Meadows was given even more of an incentive to pursue a career as a political lobbyist.

In 1997, Meadows traveled to Australia for two months where she saw the effects of gun confiscation first-hand. “It was an eye-opener. It was a stark reality of what I envision could happen here in my own country. Coming home, I became more involved in efforts to stop the gun grab here,” Meadows explains.

A member of the NRA Board of Directors for the past 12 years, Meadows continues to work tirelessly in the political arena. She is an NRA Benefactor member, an advisory committee member for Republicans Abroad, a member of the Georgia Federation of Republican Women and Republican National Coalition for Life, and an appointee to chair the Stone Mountain Board of Directors by Gov. Nathan Deal. She says, “I believe that the National Rifle Association has the moral obligation to make sure that our rights as guaranteed by our Constitution will never be taken away. Our liberty depends on the NRA. I truly believe that from my heart.”


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