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Stephen D. Hornady

Steve Hornady was born in Grand Island, Neb., and grew up in a family of hunters and shooters. His father, Joyce, started Hornady Ammunition because he wanted to make a more accurate bullet. When Steve was a boy, his father would take him to shoot prairie dogs with a .222 rifle.

Hornady attended Monmouth College and Wesleyan University. When he married, he took his new bride with him to Montana and worked as a cowboy. “I probably learned more on the back of a horse than I have anywhere else in life,” Hornady recalls.

In 1971, Hornady and his family returned to Nebraska and he went back to work for the family business. In 1981, a plane crash took his father’s life and Steve took over the business. The company flourished as Hornady adopted his father’s style of working with people, accepting them for who they are.

An NRA Life member since the early 1970s, Hornady ran for the NRA Board in 1994 because he felt he might have something to offer the association. Now a Benefactor member, Hornady is currently serving his sixth term on the NRA Board. He is vice chairman of the NRA Hunting & Wildlife Conservation Committee, and a member of the Legislative Policy, Membership and Task Force on Industry Relations Committees, the International Affairs Subcommittee and The NRA Foundation Board of Trustees.

Hornady enjoys shooting as much as his father did, especially shotgun shooting, “because you get to shoot a lot.” He prefers hunting sheep and goats because they are a challenge. “You have to climb the mountain to get a sheep,” he explains.

In 1999, Hornady’s company took the lead to start funding the Hunting and Shooting Sports Heritage Fund when New Orleans filed the first lawsuit against the firearm industry. The industry was successful in fighting the lawsuits.

He is most proud of the growing recognition of the Hornady brand and his company’s support of charitable shooting programs and youth shooting programs and competitions.


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