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President's Column

By James W. Porter II, President

NRA’s Commitment To Liberty’s Friends

In virtually every aspect of his duties and responsibilities, Barack Obama is the nation’s first Absent Without Leave President (AWOL).

President Obama is AWOL on border security. He is AWOL on the grinding deficits that will crush our grandchildren’s future. He is AWOL on national defense. He is AWOL on foreign affairs. He’s AWOL on terrorism. North Korea threatens a nuclear attack on U.S. cities and the president goes AWOL. Obama was AWOL on the slaughter of our diplomats in Benghazi. And he claims to be AWOL on the Internal Revenue Service targeting groups and individuals who oppose his stealth agenda.

There is one issue where Obama is not AWOL—banning private ownership of firearms. Gun control is Obama’s fallback to cover his failure to lead. It has been his trick card to distract the nation from his dereliction of duty.

In the most opaque administration in history, there is one thing truly transparent—the president himself.

When he says, “I believe in the Second Amendment,” Obama is talking about the Second Amendment of the Violence Policy Center, or the Brady Campaign—the one they defined as limited to the military or police. He’s embracing the Second Amendment as interpreted in his hometown of Chicago, a city forever blighted by iron-fisted machine politics; a city with some of the most oppressive gun laws in the nation, which have spawned one of the nation’s highest murder rates.

While teleprompting his line that he doesn’t want to take our guns, President Obama endorses draconian state gun bans in Connecticut, Colorado and New York where ordinary Americans are forced to register, modify or dispose of their personal property or face prosecution. He gives tacit bully pulpit encouragement to New Jersey legislators who were caught off-mike laughingly saying, “We needed a bill that was going to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate.”

It’s no mystery what motivates Obama’s hatred of gun owners. NRA from the get-go warned about his true positions on the Second Amendment and we were in the forefront of Americans opposing his bid to recapture the White House.

The answer to his obsession with controlling gun owners and banning firearms is in one word: “Revenge.”

In a speech made shortly before his re-election, President Obama invoked that word “revenge.”

That’s a word that I’ve never heard a president use. It is simply not acceptable. But it might even be remotely understandable if he were talking about a national response to the murder of our diplomats by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi or to counter future acts of similar terror on our soil like the horrific April 15 bombing at the Boston Marathon.

But he wasn’t talking about “revenge” on the enemies of our nation. No. He was demanding “revenge” on those he considers to be his personal enemies—ordinary Americans who opposed his election like you and me.

Obama doesn’t believe in the extraordinary walls of protection against willful abuse of the people by any branch of government—separation of powers. He doesn’t believe in the Founders’ fail-safe system of checks and balances.

After losing his bid for U.S. Senate passage of his gun owner registration scheme—so-called universal background checks—Obama’s point man, Vice President Joe Biden, promised new rules would come by executive decree. The threat is real.

Furthermore, as a result of the bipartisan vote derailing his anti-gun legislation, he is now threatening members of his own party—Democratic senators who are friends of NRA. He will destroy them if he can.

True bipartisanship—supporting our friends regardless of party—is the essential key to the power of the NRA to persuade and win.

We always support friends who support our cause.

The other essential key to victory is something Obama and his media enablers will never understand—the singular commitment we have as individual NRA members to the cause of liberty.

We are the vanguard of tens of millions of Americans of all political stripe—Democrat, Republican and Independent voters—who take any threat to their liberty deeply and personally.

And those are the people who my predecessor David Keene so successfully reached with his message of uncompromising solidarity. All of us owe David a debt of thanks for his tireless effort to reach Americans with our no compromise message. And as president of our great association—the oldest civil rights organization in the nation—I pledge to build on that commitment to bring our great cause to victory.