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Allan D. Cors

Allan Cors grew up near Cincinnati, Ohio and recalls that in his youth, he was able to go shooting and hunting within the city limits. A serious gun collector and an NRA member since he was 11 years old, Cors learned to shoot while in the Boy Scouts. He recalls taking his .22-cal rifle and a box of shells to school in a case with his lunch and books.

Family friends introduced Cors to hunting rabbits when he was about 15. He has been hunting ever since and especially enjoys bird hunting.

Competitive shooting has also been a big part of Cors’ life. He was a firing member of the Virginia State high power rifle team at the Camp Perry National Matches for many years and earned the coveted Distinguished Rifleman Badge.

Cors earned his bachelor’s degree and law degree from the University of Cincinnati and then went to work as an attorney with the U.S. House of Representatives.

Cors, now retired, was a senior vice president with Corning, Inc., where he directed the company’s government affairs programs worldwide. “My relationship with members of Congress led me to work on Second Amendment issues and, in turn, to my work with the NRA,” Cors noted.

First elected to the NRA Board in 1972, Cors was elected NRA second vice president in 2011. Cors is chair of the NRA Finance Committee and serves on the NRA Gun Collectors and Legislative Policy committees. He served as the president of The NRA Foundation for seven years.

Cors enjoys his work on Capitol Hill, advocating for or against legislation. “It is one of the reasons I value the work of our ILA folks,” Cors said.  “We are lucky to have such superb talent working to secure our gun rights.”

Cors is also passionate about honoring the men and women who serve our country and those who wait for them at home. That is why he founded The National Museum of Americans in Wartime in northern Virginia. Cors started collecting military vehicles in the 1980s and has a large collection of armored vehicles that he shares with the public.

“My four great passions are my family, my country, the NRA and the Americans in Wartime Museum,” said Cors.


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