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Sen. Johnny Nugent

An NRA Benefactor member and two-term member of the NRA Board of Directors, Senator Johnny Nugent remains a champion of law-abiding gun owners, collectors, shooters and hunters. Nugent has served in the Indiana Senate since 1978. During his tenure, he has successfully sponsored Indiana’s “Castle Doctrine,” as well as the nation’s first lifetime concealed carry permit.

Nugent grew up on a small farm in Dearborn County, Indiana. As a boy he recalls hunting small game, fishing and shooting with his dad and grandfather. In turn, he passed along the tradition to his grandsons, Dylan and Kyle. He says he started them off right with a Red Ryder BB gun around age 10 and then graduated to a .22 rifle and a shotgun. Both boys enjoy deer hunting.

A small business owner for 50-plus years, Nugent started a farm equipment business which has since transformed into a lawn and garden company. Nugent’s daughter, Suzi has been his business partner for 20 years.

Nugent served his country in the U.S. Army; he enlisted in 1957 and served at Ft. Carson, Colo.

Throughout his 34 years as an Indiana state senator, Nugent has remained a strong advocate of our precious Second Amendment rights. He wanted to expand that role and chose to run for the NRA board. Serving as chair of the NRA Blackpowder Committee, Nugent is also a member of the Competitions Rules & Programs Committee and the Gun Collectors Committee. His memberships include: the Indiana Rifle & Pistol Association, Ohio Gun Collectors, Amateur Trapshooting Association, National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, the .50 Caliber Shooters Association, Illinois Rifle Association and Ducks Unlimited. Nugent is a 33rd degree Mason and belongs to the Southeastern Indiana Shrine, Scottish Rite and Murat Shrine of Indianapolis. Johnny and wife, Nancy, have been married 52 years and enjoy spending time with their adopted dog, Skyler.


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