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Graham Hill

Born and raised in South Texas, Graham Hill grew up shooting and hunting with his father and grandfathers–and at 15 learned again to shoot and hunt from a wheelchair after a car accident. Thirty one years later, Hill’s commitment to the Second Amendment is matched only by his efforts to promote the mobility of all shooters.

Hill’s efforts for disabled shooters inspired President Bush’s appointment, and a U.S. Senate confirmation, to the National Council on Disability, where for eight years he worked promoting programs and policies for disabled shooters. As a member of the NRA Shooters With Disabilities Committee, Hill’s experiences and insights assist NRA’s efforts for mobility-impaired shooters. Hill is a co-founder and board member of the Global Universal Design Commission, a charity developing voluntary architectural designs that promote mobility and access for the disabled and able-bodied alike.

A Benefactor member, Hill came to the NRA Board after working many years in Congress–most recently as staff director and senior counsel for Congressman Don Young. On Chairman Young’s Transportation Committee, Hill worked to improve interstate firearm transportation laws. He also served as the attorney for the Congressional Sportsman’s Caucus, helping lead the fight to protect the Second Amendment and our hunting heritage.

Active in the Fifty Caliber Institute, Hill currently serves on its board and as director of Federal Affairs. As a member of the NRA Legislative Policy Committee, Hill works closely with NRA staff implementing policies to protect American gun owners.

Hill shoots as a disabled competitor in shotgun sports, and is shooting his first 3-Gun event this August. An avid outdoorsman, AR-15 enthusiast and concealed carry permit holder, Hill consistently brings his unique background to bear on Capitol Hill as a volunteer Second Amendment lobbyist.
Hill attended Sewanee-University of the South and Tulane Law School. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Kimberly, and their two sons, Hayden and Oliver.


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