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Tom King

Tom King was raised in the small suburban village of Fairport, N.Y. He earned a bachelor’s degree at St. John Fisher College in Rochester and now owns an insurance agency.

As president of the N.Y. State Rifle & Pistol Ass’n (NYSRPA), King helped institute the New York City women’s shooting league, a direct result of NRA’s successful Women on Target program. King said that it is important to get women and youth involved in the shooting sports. Getting more youth involved in the shooting sports was one reason King lobbied the N.Y. state legislature to have the law changed so 14- to 18-year-olds can receive instruction in handgun shooting.

King helped initiate the N.Y.S. Sportsmen’s Outreach Day in 2010. The event is a partnership between the NYSRPA and the Assembly Minority Conference. “NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre was the keynote speaker, and we crammed 3,500 members into the building,” noted King. “The event consolidated our grassroots and political supporters and let our opponents in the legislature know we’re united and mean business.”

Although King grew up in an anti-gun family, he developed a love of hunting and the shooting sports. King’s grandsons have been hunting with him since they were 10 and 11. Everyone in King’s family enjoys shooting in a variety of disciplines.

An NRA Benefactor member, King ran for the NRA Board because he wanted to preserve our firearm freedoms for his grandkids. He currently serves on the NRA Clubs & Associations, Public Affairs and Shotgun committees, and as vice chairman of the Shooters with Disabilities Committee.

King said all gun owners should get involved before the next elections. “Work with a local candidate, or donate to the NRA so we can help those candidates who help us,” he said. “But most importantly, vote for candidates who will protect our Second Amendment rights.”


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