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Last Rites For America’s First Freedom?

If he wins a second term in the White House, Obama will be free to wage his war on your Right to Keep and Bear Arms openly and with impunity.

Before his second term is finished, he’ll very likely get to choose at least three more U.S. Supreme Court justices.

Voting with anti-gun Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, three new justices will command an anti-gun majority on the Court for the rest of their lives.

Who might Obama choose for his next U.S. Supreme Court nominees?

For a clue, just look at those Obama has been grooming for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia—the traditional stepping-stone to the U.S. Supreme Court:

1. Caitlin Halligan, whose nomination was blocked in the senate last December, was New York state’s lead government lawyer in 2001 when she tried to bankrupt America’s firearm industry through baseless, politically motivated lawsuits.

Both inside and outside the courtroom, Halligan strongly supported that litigation. She filed briefs in federal court arguing that the law protecting America’s firearm industry from frivolous lawsuits was unconstitutional. And in a 2003 speech, she called for “handgun manufacturers [to be held] liable for criminal acts committed with handguns.”

2. Debo Adegbile, who Obama has reportedly been quietly moving toward the vestibule of the U.S. Supreme Court, is also an anti-gun zealot.

As director of litigation for the naacp Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc., Adegbile co-authored an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court’s gun-ban case, District of Columbia v. Heller. Among other things, Adegbile’s brief argued that:“… the right protected by the Second Amendment is one that exists only in the context of a lawfully organized militia.

“The drafters of the Second Amendment surely did not intend to protect an individual’s right to ‘keep and bear’ only the deadliest weapons technologically possible in a given era.”

If Obama wins re-election, expect more gun-banning, freedom-destroying treaties coming from the United Nations with Obama’s full support.

He’s already called on the Senate to ratify the Organization of American States firearms treaty known as CIFTA, which would force you to register every firearm and round of ammunition you own in an international database.

And now that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has voiced Obama’s support for the U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty—reversing the official U.S. position—you can bet he’ll sign that treaty the first chance he gets, too.

If Obama wins re-election, expect four more years of the same arrogance, overreach, contempt and corruption of the rule of law that have characterized this administration since Inauguration Day 2009.

Expect more orders, like the gun-registration scheme the Obama administration unilaterally imposed in four Southwestern states last year—all without congressional legislation or approval. If Obama wins re-election, expect it in all 50 states.

As Obama recently decreed, “We can no longer wait for Congress. … Where Congress won’t act, I will.”

So expect more administration regulations and rules that let Obama make an end-run around the legislative process through schemes like those laid out in New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Blueprint for Federal Action,” a 40-point gun-control package designed to be enacted by the president alone, without approval from anyone.

Expect more administration-created “problems” to be solved by the administration’s gun-ban “solutions,” like the Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” operation, which supplied Mexico’s drug cartels with thousands of illegal guns that were later linked to the murders of at least one U.S. law enforcement officer and 300 people in Mexico.

It’s All Or Nothing, Now Or Never: All In

Make no mistake, a second term for Barack Obama would spell disaster not just for firearm freedom, but for all the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

I know that as an informed, involved and active NRA member, you know that.

But far too many Americans don’t see the danger. And if we don’t alert them to take action now, a tsunami of almost unimaginable destructiveness could crush and wash away our freedoms on Election Day, just nine months from now.

That’s why I urge you to help the NRA alert the American people to take action before it’s too late. See the sidebar below for more details on what you can do.

Together, if we act in time, we must, we can and we will save our nation.

Be “All In” with the NRA.

Are You All In?

The future of America is at stake in the next presidential election. And no other organization can do more than the NRA to save our country and make sure Barack Obama is a one-term president.

For NRA to defeat Obama in 2012, I need every member to be 100 percent committed to the fight.

For the sake of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, it’s vital that you renew your NRA membership, upgrade your NRA membership and urge others to join NRA. This is a defining moment and we need every gun owner to make the personal commitment to NRA—and to the 2012 election fight—today.

By making the commitment to carry an NRA membership card, you’re making an iron-clad commitment to the Second Amendment and the future of freedom. This commitment is the key to the kind of America that our children and grandchildren will inherit.

Your NRA membership card—and your 2012 membership renewal or upgrade—means that we can preserve a 5-4 pro-gun majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Your NRA membership card and your 2012 membership commitment will help to protect your Right to Keep and Bear Arms from United Nations global gun-ban treaties.

Your NRA membership card and your 2012 membership commitment will help defend Second Amendment freedom from Obama’s onslaught of rules, regulations, bureaucrats and executive orders.

And your NRA membership card and your 2012 membership commitment will help expose and combat dangerous, illegal operations that endanger freedom like the Justice Department’s deadly “Fast and Furious” disaster.

So please, carry your new membership card with pride as if the freedom of the nation depends on it. Because it does. Renew. Upgrade. Sign up friends and neighbors. The future of our liberty and our free America is in your hands.

To renew or upgrade online or by phone, visit or call (877) NRA-2012 today. Thank you for your leadership and support.

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