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Obama’s Secret Plan To Destroy The Second Amendment By 2016

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Gun bans. Microstamping. Bullet serialization. “One gun a month.” Global gun databases, secret watchlists and the holy grail they’ve worked to impose for the past 50 years: Gun owner licensing and gun registration regimes that could be used for gun prohibition, confiscation and ultimate destruction.

In other words, the end of firearm freedom as we know it.

Is this conspiracy real? You bet it is! There’s more than enough circumstantial evidence to earn this administration a guilty verdict in any American court of law.

The only alternative to conspiracy is an American president who is so clueless and out of touch that he doesn’t realize what his Justice Department, his State Department, his White House staff—or anyone else in the executive branch—is doing every day.

To believe that is to believe the Justice Department is arming multinational criminal organizations … and the State Department is negotiating United Nations treaties … and armies of federal regulators are doing as they please … and extreme anti-gun radicals are rising to the Supreme Court through luck, coincidence or happenstance … all without any input, supervision or even knowledge of the Commander in Chief.

If you buy that, I’ve got some swampland in Florida that might interest you.

Now, you know as well as I that this is a slick and ambitious American president who is orchestrating—in minute and precise detail—a plan to excise the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights.

Motive for Conspiracy

You might be asking yourself, “Why do they want to do all this? Why do they hate and fear the Right to Keep and Bear Arms so much?”

But if you look at their motives and their ultimate goals, their conspiracy makes perfect sense and serves several overlapping and interlocking objectives.

By convincing gun owners that their freedoms are secure, and neutralizing the NRA as a force in national elections, they hope to win a second term in the White House.

From there they plan to use their power to take America down the same path as England, Australia, South Africa and Canada, where gun owners have suffered crushing gun ban defeats in the last 20 years.

Without the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to unite, inspire, empower and activate America’s 90 million gun owners, they hope to profoundly alter the political landscape of our country forever.

After all, election after election has proven that in some of the most closely contested Election Day battles in American history, the NRA has been the single most decisive game-changer in politics.

Why? Because of the passion and vision of patriotic NRA members and gun-owning voters all across America … 4 million NRA members like you … and 25 million more Americans who identify themselves with the NRA … and 90 million American gun owners who share our passion for freedom.

More than anything else, that’s what makes us an impediment to the likes of President Obama.

Centuries of history prove that the right to arms is all that stands between tyranny and freedom, and that when human freedom is threatened, the right to arms and the passion to preserve it are what muster and mobilize “we the people” to freedom’s defense.

We saw it among the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord, and we see it every year on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November, when millions of American patriots like you proclaim, “I’m the NRA and I vote!”

Make no mistake: The fate of our nation hangs on what we do now.

In your heart, you need to make one of the most important decisions on the future of freedom that you’ll ever face in your lifetime.

Every gun owner needs to be an active part of the NRA right now. Every member who doesn’t rejoin makes us one member weaker. Nobody can do what we can do together.

If there’s one thing I know about the NRA, it’s how to give voice to our membership. So let me give voice to you in defense of American freedom.

Put the NRA membership card I send you into your wallet, and carry it with pride through the monumental battles of 2012.

Pass along this story, e-mail the link and spread the word about this conspiracy menacing our freedom to your friends, fellow gun owners and everyone you know who shares your passion for the freedoms that make America unique in the history of the world.

Most importantly, renew your NRA membership, upgrade your level of NRA membership and make a contribution to help combat this dangerous conspiracy now.

Your NRA membership card is the single most important political investment you can possibly make in the preservation of American freedom.

And America has never needed patriots like you and me to come to freedom’s defense more than freedom needs us right now.

The Card That Counts

Your new 2012 National Rifle Association Membership Card is the key to preserving our freedoms and our country for future generations. With President Barack Obama orchestrating a sophisticated conspiracy to win re-election and ultimately excise the Second Amendment from our Bill of Rights, it’s vitally important that you carry this card as a symbol of your commitment to help combat that threat.

For the sake of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, it’s vital that you renew your nra membership, upgrade your NRA membership and urge others to join NRA. This is a defining moment and we need every gun owner to make the personal commitment to NRA—and to the 2012 election fight—today.

Your NRA card represents the future for the Second Amendment. It is the key to the kind of America that our kids and grandkids will inherit.

For the future of the U.S.A we love, for the preservation of the values and fabric of the nation we protect, it’s vital that you renew or upgrade your NRA membership as soon as you receive your card in the mail.

Your NRA membership card and your 2012 membership commitment mean that we preserve a 5-4 pro-gun majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Your NRA membership card and your 2012 membership commitment will help to protect your Right to Keep and Bear Arms from United Nations global gun-ban treaties.

Your NRA membership card and your 2012 membership commitment will help defend Second Amendment freedom from Obama’s onslaught of rules, regulations, bureaucrats and executive orders.

And your NRA membership card and your 2012 membership commitment will help expose and combat dangerous, illegal operations that endanger freedom like the Justice Department’s deadly “Fast and Furious” disaster.

The NRA membership card represents your commitment to NRA—the one organization that can make a decisive difference in the 2012 elections. Standing together, we have changed the course of history at the ballot box, again and again—replacing an anti-gun Congress with a pro-gun Congress, and stopping Al Gore from becoming president. Carrying your 2012 Membership Card in your pocket means Obama loses next year.

In the coming months before the Nov. 6, 2012, elections, citizens like you will be the key to ending the Obama regime and dismantling its conspiracy targeting your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Working together, let’s take back our freedom as the birthright of every American that no president, no White House executive order or administrative rule, no bureaucrat, no Supreme Court justice—or anyone else—can ever take away.

So please, when you receive your new 2012 Membership Card, respond as if the freedom of the nation depends on it. It does. Renew. Upgrade. Sign up friends and neighbors. The future of our liberty, our free America is in our hands.

To renew or upgrade online or by phone, visit or call 1-877-NRA-2012.

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