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By Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President

BATFE Border Scheme Equals Registration

Recently, a young man at a gun show asked me what was wrong with the Justice Department’s order requiring gun dealers in four states to provide personal information for a centralized database on purchasers of more than one semi-auto rifle in a five day period.

The Obama administration’s demand for multiple sales reporting was served up by government officials as a chief distraction to deflect public attention from its “Operation Fast and Furious” scandal.

For starters, I told him that the Justice Department cannot dictate its own laws. Their decree brazenly usurps the power of Congress. I explained that this “multiple sales reporting” is a federal gun-owner registration system, specifically banned by law.

I told him that the NRA has filed suit to stop this illegal power grab, which is based on the big lie that American firearm retailers are the source of guns used by violent drug cartels in Mexico.

The fact that this scheme applies only to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and not to the rest of the nation is irrelevant. Centralized registration, in any form, should never apply to any law-abiding American anywhere.

Registering law-abiding citizens on a government computer has nothing to do with violent crime and criminals anywhere—that is until some future government declares your acquisition or continued ownership of a particular firearm is a crime. And that is the end game of the gun-ban crowd.

With this young man, my instant and truthful answer—“gun owner registration inevitably leads to confiscation”—didn’t immediately touch a nerve. I realized that he had no frame of reference.

NRA has been so successful in facing down threats to our liberty, that there’s a whole generation of new gun owners who do not fully realize the real and personal dangers inherent to our liberty in such schemes as any form of registration.

What made this question so unsettling was that we were in an exhibit hall filled with a universe of firearm models covered by the Justice Department’s registration scheme.

“So why is registration so bad?” he asked.

I told him about the cold reality for licensed gun owners in the United Kingdom whose firearms were registered and ultimately banned not so long ago—a loss especially slammed home during nationwide urban riots that ripped through British society this past summer. Unarmed citizens were totally at the mercy of roving bands of thugs.

In the midst of this massive violence, British police were nowhere to be found.

I have no doubt an armed citizenry would have made a difference.

But today in the U.K., the mere viewing of firearms in the British Summer Olympics was deemed unacceptable for kids. Keep in mind that British Olympians are not even allowed to practice on their own soil.

My young questioner knew little about the history of once-free gun owners in the British Isles. I told him about a good friend, a British native, who has since escaped to the freedom of our shores. He was a licensed gun owner who willingly provided police with obligatory information on his guns and later was forced to turn in his firearms for destruction. His simple message for American gun owners:

“Don’t let them register your guns.”

When we finished our encounter, my young friend thanked me and said he understood. Exposing the motives behind the propaganda of the gun-ban crowd—one informed conversation at a time—is absolutely essential.

Think of the big lies from the Obama administration in the past three years—all blaming our freedom for murderous narco-anarchy in Mexico.

First they demanded a new ban on semi-autos; then shutting down gun dealers; then criminalizing all legal firearms transactions between law-abiding individuals. Now it’s registration.

When it comes to our rights, our way of life and our liberty, President Obama is all for “change.”  But one thing that won’t change is his sense of entitlement as our “ruler,” demanding more and more government control over our lives, our personal decisions and our cherished values. Obama remains the self-styled elitist who condescendingly sneered at ordinary, hard-working Americans who “cling to their guns.”

Every day, especially with the appointments he makes, Obama demeans the freedoms we cherish and exercise. Our liberty is out-of-fashion in his White House and out-of-step with his agenda.

With the coming elections, we must assure that the Second Amendment is not erased from the Bill of Rights—gone at the hands of bureaucrats and judges who share Obama’s vision for America.

Think about Obama packing the federal courts with judges who will rubber stamp his anti-freedom agenda and what that means for the future of our gun rights.

Make no mistake: this is the most dangerous administration in our lifetime and America is literally at a tipping point. Four more years will be a catastrophe for our nation. It’s up to us, our families, friends and neighbors to answer freedom’s call and put the blocks to Obama’s plan to force what he calls “the fundamental transformation of America.”  To understand what that “transformation” means for the Second Amendment, look no further than the disarmed citizenry of the United Kingdom.