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Brandon Kruse was on his way to get some sushi when three teens surrounded him, and one of them punched Kruse in the head. “One guy to my far right just punched me in the face and started swinging,” Kruse said. “At that point, I just pulled my gun and the three guys scattered.” Kruse dialed 9-1-1 and kept the SIG Sauer .40-cal. pistol, for which he is licensed to carry, ready. Strangely the suspects lingered in a nearby parking lot and were arrested by responding officers for assault and drug possession. (New Haven Register, New Haven, CT, 08/02/11)

After a recent burglary, an elderly man began storing his gun in a more accessible fashion. Not long thereafter he awoke at 3 a.m. and realized his home was again being invaded. He grabbed his gun and confronted three suspects in the hallway, shooting one suspect several times. The wounded man fled with an accomplice, but a third suspect grabbed a knife and chose to fight. During the struggle, the homeowner’s gun discharged, wounding the suspect’s hand. The injured suspect decided to wait for police, but unfortunately the homeowner had no phone and was too weak to go for help. Thus began a lengthy stand-off. Unbelievably, the homeowner held the suspect for eight hours before he was able to muster enough strength to escort him next door and phone police. (Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno, NV, 08/22/11)

Normally Raven Smith leaves his gun in the vehicle before he goes into a restaurant, but something made him reconsider one evening. The concealed-carry permit holder kept his .380-cal. handgun holstered as he stepped out of the car to have dinner with his girlfriend. Before he’d taken three steps, a masked man rushed up behind his girlfriend with what appeared to be a gun. “Get down, get down!” Smith yelled to his girlfriend as he fired four shots. The suspect dropped to the ground with four gunshot wounds and will be arrested after his release from the hospital. “I’ve only had practice doing casual shooting, as a hobby,” said Smith, an airline mechanic. “It’s completely different using it in a situation like this.” His girlfriend calls him her hero, adding, “I saw orange flashes over my head. And then my ears were ringing.” (St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, FL, 08/08/11)

Police believe a prowler was on drugs, had an illegal gun and had broken into several cars and storage sheds before 17-year-old Justin Rowland caught him burglarizing his parents’ property. Rowland, a good student and football player, spotted the suspect rummaging through the family’s shed. He quickly grabbed a pump-action shotgun and confronted the prowler, who threw his hands in the air and waited for police. “It definitely made our job easier,” said police detective Philip Calhoun. “It’s very easy to roll up on a scene and put somebody in custody when they’re already [being held] at gunpoint by the homeowner.” (Fox16-TV, Little Rock, AR, 08/11/11)

Was the suspect lying in wait as his would-be victim came home from work? That’s what police are asking after Leontaye Johnson returned from his shift as a cook and was ambushed. What police do know is the suspect illegally carried a gun, announced a robbery and fired a shot at Johnson, injuring him. That’s when Johnson drew his gun, fired several shots and killed the suspect. (NBC11-TV, Atlanta, GA, 08/15/11)

A young woman walked out the door on her way to work when she spotted a pit bull with a history of aggressive behavior on the loose. She quickly ducked back inside her father’s home and called police to report the wandering dog. After waiting for the dog to leave, the father got a firearm for safety and escorted his daughter to the vehicle. Within moments the dog appeared and again began acting aggressively. The homeowner tried to slowly back his way into the home, but the dog backed him against an exterior wall. He fired a shot, killing the dog. (Everett Herald, Everett, WA, 08/18/11)

Early one afternoon a man knocked on a woman’s door and claimed to be there to check on roof damage for an insurance company. As soon as he was inside, he punched the woman and knocked her to the ground. The woman broke free in the ensuing struggle, and the suspect followed her into a bedroom. She managed to fight off the suspect and claw her way to her pistol. As soon as she had the gun in her hands, the man fled the area. (Ashland Times-Gazette, Ashland, OH, 08/06/11)

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Studies indicate that firearms are used over 2 million times a year for personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances. Shooting usually can be justified only where crime constitutes an immediate, imminent threat to life, limb, or, in some cases, property. Anyone is free to quote or reproduce these accounts. Send clippings to:

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