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Standing Guard

By Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President

Gun Control By Government Edict Must Be Stopped

With the Obama administration, a political bureaucracy has emerged that is unprecedented in its arrogant disregard for the rule of law, the Constitution, and co-equal branches of government. Nowhere is that usurpation of power more glaring than in the Justice Department’s decree establishing a centralized registry of firearm owners in total violation of law.

Using the big lie that American firearm retailers are fueling Mexican drug cartels, the administration has demanded that in four states (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California) personal information on law-abiding purchasers of two or more semi-automatic rifles (above .22 cal.) in a five-business day period will become part of a centralized database.

This is gun owner registration, pure and simple. Keeping a central registry of information on law-abiding Americans and the firearms we own or acquire is specifically forbidden in federal law and has been voted down in Congress.

It may be only four states and some firearm owners today, but as with all “gun control” it will never end until all Americans suffer under its yoke.

NRA immediately organized and funded lawsuits in several federal courts to stop the order, and we are moving aggressively in the Congress to reverse this unlawful bureaucratic act.

Attorney General Eric Holder has pledged the full resources of the U.S. Justice Department to “vigorously fight” the NRA’s legal challenge. He has at his command an army of anti-gun lawyers and unlimited taxpayer dollars to wage war against us.

This move by unelected bureaucrats is part of a plan that was hatched at the outset of the Obama administration with the full support of a host of media enablers. Those in the gun-ban crowd are ghouls, always in search of a “crisis” to feed on. And what they seek is the power to extinguish our rights and freedom.

With the extreme violence of the narco-anarchy in Mexico, they seized on that opportunity.

Try this from the Jan. 5, 2011, Los Angeles Times demanding the registration scheme: “Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws in the hemisphere. … for Mexico, however, its weapons management strategy is sabotaged by an accident of location—its residence next door to the gun capital of the world.” That’s us. That’s our freedom.

For two years, the mainstream media has been hustling the government line that federally regulated firearm dealers are the virtual sole source of firearms acquired by the multi-billion dollar Mexican drug cartels. But the truth is those vast, ruthless criminal enterprises obey no laws. As U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said during congressional hearings, the cartels are “incredibly rich—with billions of dollars of drug money. … to buy anything they want anywhere in the world in vast quantities.”

With black market surplus full-automatic AK’s and Vietnam-era M16s easily available, combined with master gun-running criminals on the level of the cartels, the notion that cartels are arming themselves from average gun stores is nuts.

To show that murder weapons in Mexico could originate in U.S. gun shops, superiors at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) made it happen through “Operation Fast and Furious.” Over the objection of gun dealers who reported suspected criminal activity, BATFE refused to allow street agents to make arrests of actual criminals and gun smugglers. All of this was done so that those guns would “walk,” thus ending up in Mexico to be traced from the scenes of bloodletting back to dealers who did everything right.

In one of the best descriptions of “Fast and Furious,” Robert Farago wrote in the Washington Times that  “ …The agency’s motive for creating a program that violated Mexican sovereignty and put innocent lives at risk: inflating the number of American firearms recovered at Mexican crime scenes. The more blood-soaked American guns in Mexico the ATF could identify for its congressional paymasters, the more compelling its case for increased federal funding and new agency-enforced gun-control regulations. In short, ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ was an anti-gun-running gun-running program.”

All of this was done to bring about Barack Obama’s promised “under the radar” gun control. The BATFE/Justice response to getting caught in this bloody scandal is to double down. Breathtaking.

NRA has demanded the ouster of Attorney General Eric Holder for starters, but that’s not nearly enough.

With President Obama ignoring the law and the Constitution, and with his total lack of cooperation with Congress in the oversight of “Operation Fast and Furious,” the only way we will truly change this continuing outrage is to change the regime this coming election year.

Gun owners must begin marshalling our collective power to unelect not only Obama and his crowd, but to unelect his anti-gun-owner axis in Congress.

With a new administration, we can end “gun control by government edict” and press for independent criminal investigations into “Fast and Furious” so that government officials responsible for that indefensible operation are brought before the courts to answer for what may well be criminal conduct.

For the families of those who have lost their lives because of this deadly and despicable scheme—on both sides of the border—we can demand no less.