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When a gunman entered U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell’s home, attacked his daughter and demanded money, Boswell ran to the entryway and attempted to disarm the suspect. “When you see one of the people that you love very much, you see they’re in that kind of danger, why, you have to do something,” Boswell said. Perhaps the intruder would’ve picked a different home had he known Boswell is an NRA A-rated Democrat. As Boswell struggled with the man, his 22-year-old grandson retrieved a shotgun and trained it on the intruder. The suspect fled the home. (, 07/17/11)

Police raced to the scene of a burglary in progress following the homeowner’s frantic 9-1-1 call. Officers were not able to arrive fast enough to prevent the crime, but fortunately the homeowner had a backup plan: armed self-defense. The burglar entered the home, but his progress was stopped by several gunshots. When police arrived, he was already dead. (CBS Los Angeles, 08/04/11)

A 68-year-old grandmother was lying in bed when she was startled by the sound of someone breaking in. So she got up and grabbed her .410 shotgun, a gun she’s kept for self-defense for many years, a gun she was never sure she could actually use on a human being and didn’t want to find out. However, when her French doors flew open and her burglar alarm went off, that was all it took—mortal fear—and she fired upon the three men. Her first volley of bird shot struck one suspect in the face and a second suspect was struck in the chest. All three men fled and are in police custody. At least one had been armed, as police found his handgun’s magazine in the yard. The woman received many calls and e-mails cheering her actions. “One of them said ‘Go Granny Go’,” she recalled. “I don’t consider myself old, but apparently everyone else does.” (WTVF-TV, Nashville, TN, 08/01/11)

Upon stopping at an intersection, a motorist noticed a man approaching. Before he could react, the man reached through the window and punched him several times. Stunned by the blows, the motorist reached for his handgun, for which he has a permit to carry. As his attacker reached behind his back, as if for a weapon, the motorist drew his gun and fired a shot, striking the assailant in the upper torso. The suspect will be charged following his release from the hospital. (WJXT-TV, Jacksonville, FL, 07/15/11)

When Ronald Bracey awoke to his wife’s screams, he leapt from bed, got his handgun and stepped out of the bedroom where, to his immense terror, two men were holding guns to his wife’s head. The men wore hats that read “police,” but Bracey knew immediately that these were no officers of the law. He opened fire, expending eight rounds in succession and striking one of his wife’s attackers. The two men fled and were joined by a pair of accomplices. That evening police K-9 units found three of the four suspects. (Marco Eagle, Marco Island, FL, 07/26/11)

A petite Days Inn clerk prepared the hotel’s breakfast, unaware that a career criminal more than double her size lay in wait to ambush her. The suspect sprang on the woman and put a knife to her throat, intent, police believe, on robbery and sexual assault. The suspect put his knife down and prepared to tie up the woman, but his plan was never completed. The clerk drew a handgun and shot her assailant once in the chest, killing him. “She did the correct thing—she protected herself,” said Richland County, S.C., Sheriff Leon Lott. “The lesson for robbers is, you never know when you are going to encounter someone who is armed and will protect themselves. The bottom line—he is the one who caused him to get killed.” (The State, Columbia, S.C., 07/25/11)

Here’s a story of an intruder who had a really bad day, even by criminal standards. He was in the midst of a burglary, rifling through drawers and cabinets in the kitchen when he was discovered by the homeowner. Panicked, he grabbed a knife. For a moment he reached for the homeowner’s children, but the homeowner grabbed a claw hammer and nearly removed a chunk from the suspect’s hide as he fled the home. A neighbor observed the suspect running full-tilt down the street. The suspect’s next move was to hijack a car. Bad move. The driver, a concealed-carry permit holder, shot the suspect three times in the lower torso and held him for police. (Seattle-Post Intelligencer, Seattle, WA, 07/04/2011)

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Studies indicate that firearms are used over 2 million times a year for personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances. Shooting usually can be justified only where crime constitutes an immediate, imminent threat to life, limb, or, in some cases, property. Anyone is free to quote or reproduce these accounts. Send clippings to:

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