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Since its founding in 1871, the National Rifle Association has supported and stood by the brave men and women serving in the military and law enforcement. But never has that support been as strong, or as visible, as it is now following the launch of a bold, broad and absolutely vital new program: “NRA Life of Duty.”

Formally unveiled during the 2011 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Pittsburgh, Pa., NRA Life of Duty is designed to both assist and honor America’s military and law enforcement personnel. The program is at once immense yet very specifically targeted, encompassing a new class of sponsored membership, a state-of-the-art online network and a digital magazine—all designed specifically for those who put their lives on the line every day to protect American freedom.

At a time in history when our military is stretched thin yet still winning significant battles in the global war on terror, a time when border patrol agents must work daily to stem the flow of drug-fueled violence and illegal immigration on our nation’s southern border, a time when it seems the only national media coverage of law enforcement personnel focuses on the small minority of “bad cops,” the time has never been more appropriate for a program like NRA Life of Duty.

“This is one of the most important programs the NRA has ever launched,” said NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. “It broadens our audience to a new generation of gun owners and young heroes who love and serve their country and its cause of freedom. And NRA Life of Duty offers every one of us the opportunity to pay tribute and honor these heroes in a tangible way.

“These brave men and women wake up every morning, strap on a gun and go to work to protect us. They are our true heroes and the NRA of tomorrow.”

NRA Life of Duty consists of three main parts: a special class of sponsored NRA membership for qualified military and law enforcement personnel, an online network tailored specifically for NRA Life of Duty members, and a one-of-a-kind digital magazine, NRA American Warrior.

Through NRA Life of Duty, individuals and corporations can sponsor one-year NRA memberships for those serving in the military and law enforcement. A $50 NRA Life of Duty membership includes $25,000 in life insurance benefits for qualified members, plus $2,500 for family travel when a loved one is wounded.

NRA Life of Duty members also have access to special discounts on gear available through the
NRA Life of Duty Network, as well as a subscription to the NRA American Warrior digital magazine.

Those who wish to step forward and sponsor NRA Life of Duty memberships for the brave men and women who fight for our freedoms and our American way of life can do so by visiting Through the NRA Life of Duty website, sponsored memberships can be donated quickly and easily for one or as many as 100 deserving men and women who live to serve freedom’s cause. Donations of more than 100 memberships can be granted as well by calling (877) NRA-GIVE.

But NRA Life of Duty is about much more than just the well-deserved sponsored memberships. An integral part of this initiative is the NRA Life of Duty Network—a state-of-the-art online gathering place for NRA Life of Duty members, their loved ones and anyone else interested in seeing the often-ignored good news about our military and law enforcement heroes.

The NRA Life of Duty Network at includes a number of content “channels,” currently including:

Patriot Profiles: On this channel, you’ll find the stories that too often go untold—the stories of true American heroes in military and law enforcement, and the good they do both at home and abroad. Every month, viewers can tune in to this channel to see a new, professionally produced video documentary featuring the brave men and women who wake up every day to defend our most precious freedoms at home and abroad.

Frontlines with LtCol Oliver North: As LtCol Oliver North travels the globe, he keeps company with the brave men and women who are fighting—and winning—the global war on terror. Frontlines with LtCol North presents exclusive, never-before-seen footage, reports and interviews delivered by LtCol North himself.

Gear, Sponsored by Brownells LE Division— The NRA Life of Duty Gear Channel includes high-quality photography and video footage of the best gear worn by the best warriors. This is also the place where qualifying NRA Life of Duty members can take advantage of special, and deep, discounts on the gear they need to do their jobs.

NRA American Warrior: Each issue of this digital magazine is packed with interactive media, countless videos and page after page of the latest tactics and technology of interest to those who live the Life of Duty.

The NRA Life of Duty Network is ever expanding and will soon include the following features:

Live and Listening: A regularly scheduled live program strictly devoted to presenting the stories and issues of law enforcement and military at home and abroad.

My Hometown: A place for families and friends to share videos and stories from their hometowns with their deployed loved ones. You’ll also find a forum for news, messages and issues confronting law enforcement and other domestic forces protecting America’s cities and borders.

Archives: In honor of the veterans who have lived lives of duty, this channel celebrates their achievements—from photo memories to in-depth features on military history.

A number of companies have already stepped up to support the NRA Life of Duty launch. Brownells has lent a tremendous amount of support as the presenting sponsor of NRA Life of Duty, and Brownells Law Enforcement Division——sponsors the NRA Life of Duty Gear Channel.

“We’ve been supporting law enforcement agencies, law enforcement officers and military personnel for 70 years,” said Brownells President Pete Brownell. “When the NRA came to us and said we have a program that’s going to provide some real value to them (military and law enforcement personnel), some benefits that are tangible, we said, ‘We’re all in.’”

Colt’s Manufacturing is another company that saw real value in NRA Life of Duty and stepped up to sponsor the Warrior Features in the NRA American Warrior digital magazine. Several companies, such as, Winkler Knives, Tactical Response, Mechanix Wear, alps Mountaineering, alps Outdoorz and Browning Camping are also offering special discounts on their products to NRA Life of Duty members through the NRA Life of Duty Gear Channel.

The support of these companies has been integral to the launch of NRA Life of Duty. The further support of corporations and individuals will ensure the long-term success of this absolutely vital initiative. Corporations interested in sponsoring NRA Life of Duty online content or providing gear discounts to NRA Life of Duty members can learn more by contacting the NRA’s director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Nicole Capossela, at (703) 267-1122 or

Every day, hundreds of thousands of brave men and women wake up, strap on firearms and go to work to protect America and the freedoms we all hold dear.

These men and women in the military and law enforcement are America’s true heroes. They deserve to be honored, embraced and supported in their efforts. That is the mission of NRA Life of Duty. It is a mission the NRA, with the help of its individual members and corporate friends, vows to carry out.

To learn more about NRA Life of Duty, visit

NRA Life of Duty Network
Do your part to help the NRA’s mission of honoring, embracing and supporting America’s true heroes in the military and law enforcement who fight daily for our freedoms and our American way of life. To sponsor a one-year NRA membership for an American warrior, visit or call (877) NRA-GIVE.